What will I learn?

The Certificate in Criminology is a 30-credit program offering students an introduction to criminology and other disciplines as well as post-secondary training for careers in criminal justice agencies. On completion of the Certificate, students have the option of entering the Diploma in Criminology, Associate of Arts in Criminology, Bachelor of Arts in Community Criminal Justice, or Bachelor of Arts, Major or Minor in Criminology. Students who want to ensure that they do not have to make up additional coursework should choose their optional criminology courses carefully in consultation with an Educational Advisor and the calendar requirements for the applicable Criminology program.

Career Opportunities

ACCSS training college’s criminology programs help prepare students for a wide variety of careers in government, the private sector, and not-for-profit organizations:

Law Enforcement:

Municipal Police, Transit Police, Customs and Border Security, Airport Security Officer, Child Protection Officer, Crime Scene Analyst, Human Rights Officer, Intelligence Officer, Investigator, Court Officer, Polygraph Technician


Correctional Officer, Probation Officer, Parole Officer, Bail Supervision Officer, Corrections Program Developer

Community Agency:

Child and Youth Worker, Community Outreach Worker, Community Relations Consultant, Program Officer/Developer, Program Evaluator, Public Administrator, Restorative Justice Worker, Social Policy Researcher, Social Worker, Victim Services Provider

Government, Legal and Other:

Court Clerk, Court Reporter, Criminal Justice/Criminology Instructor, Lawyer, Paralegal, Policy Analyst